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Whether it’s yours, her colleagues, or the producer’s - this sensational Gobblin’ Guru from The Beehive State means business. Btw, can you guess which state she is from? (it starts with U and ends with ah!).

There are a number of things that we adore in the US of A, one of which most definitely the fact that you guys not only have State emblems, animals or minerals... But a State tartan (Utah State Centennial Tartan), firearm (the Browning M1911 ofc.) and (drumroll please...) a State Cooking Pot! And we sh!t you not, it's the Dutch Oven (。♥‿♥。). You can check it out on Wikipedia if you’d want to for some reason.

But this is more than enough brown-nosing based mumbo-jumbo! Let’s talk about this gorgeous Girl from St. George, UT, who had a dream to make it big in the highly competitive world of Hardcore Porn. Being a slender Latina with a pretty face and a captivating smile meant that she was a bit ahead of the pack, but she had to work really hard to get where she is now. She collected more than a few awards along the way, but the biggest one of them all surely is AVN’s Best Anal Sex Scene in 2020. Buttsex clips and movies are among the most sought after (a.k.a. most profitable) niches in Porn, so Kudos for collecting it in 2020! And while we don’t have that footage - yet - we secured a lot of this Latina Beautie’s Anal adventures on Pinflix. com, all for completely free!

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