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Alina the Latina is a Porn Super Star Chica

Being one of the hottest mamacitas in the Northern Hemisphere must pay off as hell, as Alina “ the Latina “ Lopez easily took the whole damn porn industry by a storm! If you ever wondered: How did she do that? then do not be afraid we’ll tell you.

Number One: she is super hot! :O Surprised right? Usually, girls who come into xxx are pretty and all, but Alina Lopez has got something for everyone! She has a cute face, sparkly hazel eyes, a nice set of titties, and a tight body. So you can’t mess up by recruiting her talents as a casting agent. Why would you hire anybody else?

Number Two: she is really hot.

Number Three: She sucks dick & eats pussy like a few other! All you need to do is check on the guy or girl that is feeling the effect of her Oral Prowess. 10 out of 10 times their eyes are rolled back from the sheer amount of ecstasy that her mouth brings - and she does all this in a truly artistique manner!

Number Four: she is dropped-dead gorgeous.

All this brought Alina Lopez a quick recognition among her peers, the overlords of porn - and of course the fans! In 2019 she got AVN’s Hottest Newcomer Fan Award, and in 2020 she received XBIZ’ Best Actress in Taboo-Themed release. These are 2 wins in the highest leagues of xxx - not to mention her countless nominations! Of course, we instantly jumped on the BandWagon and started collecting her scenes on PinFlix. com. Scroll a bit down to see what we got!

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