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Close-up HARDCORE Anal ft. Mike & his Pike

There aren’t many studios using kinda 1 dude for each and every scene they make, but the real fans of True Anal know that there is one very lucky Frankfurter involved in almost ALL of this Network's clips: Mike’s Pike!

Mike and his Pike were good friends ever since High School, they looked after each other 24-7-365. They believed in each other’s capabilities and never gave up. This dedication to each other eventually made Micheal into a popular guy among the gals - so much so that Pike got the idea that they should do this full-time!

After 13286732154f6789 number of scenes where this duo stood fast against the onslaught of whores - we can say that his idea worked out pretty well. Pike infiltrated hundreds if not thousands of mouths, pussies & asses, yet there are still stadiums full of compulsive fornicators who still want a piece of them. This means their Anal Adventures are still far from over!

In the meantime, we collected almost 100 Sex Scenes in our True Anal vault, where hotties like Top 10 Porn Super Star Lana Rhoades, or the equally enticing Anastasia Knight get blasted in the ass while wearing The Gape Gloves of very Gaping! We also have a ton of XXX Scenes from the other pages of this super-productive team. TrueAnal focuses on the Anal Aspects of this duo’s work, but if you are interested in Sloppy Blowjobs ( Swallowed), or Passionate Pussy Fucking ( Nypmho ), you can find those easily too on PinFlix. com!

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