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There are always clear trends in the Adult Film Industry, and with the advent of smaller cameras that still record in 1080p Full HD that trend became crystal clear - POV! Point of View porn is just the next logical step if you want to make TRULY immersive XXX Scenes - and everyone is shooting for that!

But the peeps at LifeSelector turned it up a notch and they only make POV Sex Clips with a huge Twist - these videos have actual stories! Topping of it all is the fact that most videos have multiple choices built-in them. What do we mean by that? Well, buckle up bucko, cause we are going to take a trip down memory lane in order to unravel this mystery! ( And then we will get to the big titties part, we promise)

Once upon a time, there was a great company that made Choose Your Own Adventure types of books where at every turn of the story you were able to choose what your hero should do next - and the outcomes could vastly differ depending on your choices. As with everything in this world, erotica started creeping in slowly but surely, and by the 90s there were a ton of Erotic CYOA books! In these novels, the protagonist could have steamy encounters with the hotties featured, and the next sensual move was decided by the player! From here is the only next logical step is putting POV Video on the whole shebang - and voila - you have LifeSelector!

This foolproof formula enhanced by the Talents & Titties of the likes of the current Queen of British Erotica - Tina Kay - or the Hungarian Hun Tiffany Tatum is the surest way to make it big fast in this crazily competitive mess that we call the Adult Film Industry. So take a thorough gander at our Selection from LifeSelector on Pinflix!

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