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Ever since Monsieur Khandy presented us with the subtleties of the English Language - we stood at awe of his sheer finesse & ingenuity. There was nothing that we could compare his level of awesomeness to - until the arrival of the Dogfart Network Hardcore BBC Sex Content on the premises! Segways as long and cumbersome as this was are tiring and time-consuming. Luckily this studio brings so refreshing xxx scenes to the table, so we can get back straight into the Action!

With almost 200 Porn Clips already locked and loaded on our site Pinflix. com, the Dogfart Network is one of the most prolific Interracial Adult Content creators on the planet. A catalog of this size is bound to have a few good shots and gorgeous babes, so it starts out pretty nice. But the thing is - they rarely miss. Out of the two hundred videos, we could only find a few “meh” scenes, most of them are simply supa hot fire!

Whether your thing is chicks getting blasted into smithereens by one or more or many more BBCs, or chicks getting shoved up into big black booties - this Studio got you covered. One of their flagship vids features a petite blonde cutiepie Lexi Lore’s face getting abruptly shoved up Victoria Cakes’ Terminator-Class (‿ˠ‿) by her BFF Jayden Star. And you better believe that it was super effective. The other popular scenario features the same type of gals but instead of a Big Black Booty, they provide a Big Black BeaverBuster. But the idea is kinda the same. Take your Pick & Take a Peek!

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