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Big Black Dongs out of the Blue!

Sometimes people get more than they ask for, which can turn ugly every once in a while. Well, not with these hoes! While our BlackAmbush channel on PinFlix just started out, we already have a nice roster of obviously VERY pleased Caucasian ladies. They seem a bit confused at the first sight of the Big Black Bobby they gotta sit on - but they become the happiest campers on the site as soon as they are on that D!

As this studio primarily tries to feature Amateur chicks blasted away by a BeaverBuster, there aren’t many Porn Stars around. Try ambushing Adriana Chechik or Karma RX with a BBC. It ain’t gonna happen. They annihilate Heavy Artillery each and every day on the regular, so you won’t bamboozle them 2 battle harlots. But for almost every semi Amateur damsel, a Big Black Dong out of the Blue might be a cause for curiosity - maybe even for a few gasps!

Interracial Porn lives its renaissance lately, so it was kind of a no-brainer for these lads to infuse it with the cheap yet kinda intimate setup of a Casting Video. All you gotta do is to rent a Hotel Room, put out a few ‘ads’ on the local newspaper - and wait for the tight babes flocking to your doors. If you have a camera & a big black lad in the shower - you are all set! A foolproof plan to any Studio that wants to make a splash nowadays, which is why we had to subscribe!

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