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Everybody likes to spice up things every now and again, and for most, the first go-to is of course the Amahzing World of Sex Toys! You can find everything - if you are persistent enough - in the Adult Toy section of an XXX Shop. Starting from you kinda obvious, but still big Vibrators & Dildos through your ‘getting a bit kinkier’ fluffy handcuffs to the Oh-no-you-didn’t 10 thousand dollar Fuck Machine Cyborgs. Everything goes in this niche!

Which of course meant that we had to get in on the action with a whole category page dedicated to this kind of apparats. With just a tad of collecting we were able to amass 2500+ Porn Scenes & Vids featuring all kinds of the aforementioned accessories. You can find Brandi Love’s favorite 16 inch Black Double Dildo that she wields like a bonafide Sit Lord wherever she has to go to film a solo scene. Or if a bit more sophisticated equipment is your cup of tea, you can check out Adria Rae’s remote-controlled vibrating eggs, which nets her multiple orgasms in sooo many steamy XXX videos. And we did not even get started on the Island of Toys Galore - Japan! Being super-advanced in microelectronics & cyborg thingies made the Land of the Rising Sun the frontrunner in sex toy technology. The Wand started its conquest from here, and the totally not dodgy Android Pleasure Models will start their's from here too. It is only a matter of time… get yours now on Pinflix. com! ┌( º o º )┐

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