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Have you seen these sex-crazed tattooed Teens & MILFs running around the porn scene lately? Holy Moly! We always knew that the Adult Industry had some bad-bad girls in it but these chicks are full-blown rebels. They have ‘water’ and ‘peace’ written on them alongside some sexy flowers and hardcore butterflies!

But why would we act like a boomer when we could just as easily enjoy the pristine living artworks that some of these ladies are. You don’t have to scroll far to meet up with Karma RX for example, who has been a staple in the Tattooed Porn Scene since she started off back in 2017. The gorgeous shapes and colors on her body perfectly complement her 32 H (!) set of titties, which makes this curvaceous MILFs one of the most sought after porn stars of our time!

Whether it is simply a tramp stamp, or a real saga written on your body, inks have made a huge impact on the XXX industry.You would have to be hard-pressed to find anybody who does not have at least one. From tight teens like Holly Hendrix and Kenzie Reeves to bonafide MILFs such as Jessa Rhodes or our favorite living canvas, the aforementioned Karma RX - everybody has one. We should probably make a Tattoo Free Category instead of this one. But you still shouldn’t listen to us boomin’ around, just scroll a bit lower and click on your favorite chicks with inks!

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