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Asia’s 1st real home-grown modern Adult Industry obviously is the Japanese. The island nation’s pornographic traditions started well before the 20th century, but as we focus on the Modern Hardcore XXX Scene we won’t talk about it right now. Nor about India’s Kama Sutra and other old-school shenanigans.

Smut Magazines influenced primarily by Playboy were published right after the Second World War, even though there were distinct limitations on pornographic material. “The Law against Obscenity” or Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan remains kinda intact since 1907, prohibited the depiction of wieners or pubic hair - but it obviously was not super effective in stopping the Mammoth that is the Japanese Porn Industry.

There are distinct Japanese graphic styles and genres that make it unique. From the animated erotica Hentai through a huge amount of sexual fanfictions called Doujinshi, to a wide range of video recordings and games - it is easy to pinpoint which came from the Land of the Rising Sun.

We at Pinflix are focused on the Uncensored HD Asian XXX Videos aspect of this industry, so we collected 450+ pristine sex scenes on our Japanese Category page! Great Studios like JavHD & JapanHDV provided us with enough ammunition to showcase where this niche is at in the 21st century. You can watch these many times Hairy Beautiful Petite Babes enjoying every kind of cock that they can get their hands on. And sometimes that is a ton like in Yui Hatano’s 50 men Bukkake Party!

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