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At least on this end of the stick, it's fun each and every time. On the business end of it - there is a small debate, but there seems to be a consensus forming about the fact that it has anti-aging properties, as it rejuvenates the skin if you rub it in. We told those people that they are nasty, but they did not seem to listen to us.

Aaanyways the Porn Industry always revolved around the Money Shot and the journey reaching it, so it is no wonder that it has got special importance to any conscientious producer, camera, man, woman, person, tv. But let's put these petty differences aside and focus on the truly critical aspects - aim for the head, preferably the face, and ONLY the face. If you want to see disgruntled girlfriends - or porn stars for that matter - just pop a fat one in their hair, and you are going to see an angry dragon super fast. Just don’t tell them we gave you the idea.

Our Pristine Selection of Face-based cumshot galore features more than 4400 (!) XXX Sex Scenes ending in one or two glorious facials, and our Vault grows a lot each and every week! World-renowned content creators & adult industry models can be found alongside kinky first timers inside, in impeccable HD! And we packed it all on a neat category page on PinFlix. com. So don’t be shy and head on in - cause these girls surely aren’t.

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