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Up Close and Personal - in the middle of the Action

We have seen a movie with a maniac journalist who went over the desert with a ton of nay-nays and his best friend just to place themselves right into the middle of the Action. Its name was gonzo journalism or something like that. As with everything it’s porn adaptation was already lurking in the shadows: enter John Stagliano and his now world-famous idea: Gonzo XXX!

How does this tie to our Adventures in Hardcore Close-up Porn Land? Well, one of Mr. Stagliano’s finest inventions was the 1st person view wobbly camera - that we call POV Porno nowadays. Alongside with this point of view, he brought the “strictly to the action” production technique with EvilAngel - and started REALLY focusing. Like with the camera too. And with this, close-up porn was born!

It has been skyrocketing in popularity ever since, in contemporary porn a few POV shots are almost mandatory, well-developed stories are rare - and in the era of cheap HD Cameras - the close-up views could spare you a biology lesson or two. If you ever wanted to check out Gabbie Carter’s glorious naturals super zoomed-in, or if you want to study Gia Derza’s world-famous oral dick draining technique - we got you covered fam. We have dedicated a whole category page to this genre on Pinflix. com, and there we have amassed around 1000 sex scenes for anyone who really wants to be up close - and personal.

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