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I like big (‿ˠ‿), and I cannot Lie

And why would you? Everybody likes big butts. The only difference is how big you like it. Cause if you are ready to take on Victoria Cakes’ or Jayden Star’s Spontaneous Boootay, then you don’t want big asses. You want Terminator-Class Taints. This is a whole different story - but for convenience’s sake, we jammed them into this category - so you can enjoy all the Levels of Booty that one can ever desire! Except for the small ones. If it won’t jiggle, then we won’t wiggle.

Bigly Butts always fascinated the peeps, right from the get-go. It is no wonder that the Venus of Willendorf looks very much like our previously mentioned Queen of Rear-end - Victoria Cakes! Such voluptuous form in that day of age radiated health and well-being, with wide birthing hips and an obvious access to an ample amount of food. Which instantly spelled Hot Dayumn for the everyday caveman, like you and I would’ve been. The skinny bitches, and glamour gals tried to take over for a bit in the 20th century, but Sir Mix-a-Lot’s heartfelt confession & mantra opened humanity’s eyes to the Truth of the Posterior.

But you don’t have to have the Terminator Class keister wobbling behind you to get featured on Pinflix’ almost 3000 video strong Big Ass Category! We have PAWGs, curvy MILFs, well-toned, but still jiggly Matures - everything goes if you got that Bubble Butt. All you need to do is to scroll juuust a bit lower and choose your favorite badonkadonks from our Carefully Cultivated Collection of Copious Keisters!

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